Our Ministries

Great or small, young or old, we all have a special place in God’s heart. As His children, we are naturally inclined to honour and sing praise to Him. Serving in ministries is one of the ways to express our love for God.

Church Council

The church council is a body of lay delegates elected by the congregation. With a clear vision and mission, they support the pastors in religious instruction, chart the direction and oversee administrative functions of the church.


Jesus gives us a great commission in Matthew 28:18-20, asking us to share His love with the world and make disciples of all nations. Actively involved in both local and foreign missions, the church serves whenever there is a need.

Social Concern

“Live life, touch life” – this ministry aims to reach out to those who are in need, especially the poor and the needy. If serving the community is your calling, come and join us to share our love with God’s people.

Good Samaritan Ministry

Imitating the honourable act of the good Samaritan in Luke 10:25-37, this ministry aims to help those who are in need. We appreciate all forms of contributions especially food items and monetary donation.


Prayer works wonders; it transcends both physical and spiritual boundaries. In prayer, we are in one with God and other people. We adore, confess, give thanks and supplicate not only for ourselves, but also for the world.  


The word “liturgy” derives from Greek, meaning “one who performs a public ceremony or service”. Working closely with the pastor, a liturgist prepares worship celebrations, and leads the congregation in worship and prayer.


This ministry consists of song leader, musician team, backup singers, sound crew and projectionist. Leading the congregation into vibrant worship, the worship team transforms the praise and worship service to a sweet smelling fragrance rising up to the Lord.


The church is the palace of God, and all the members and visitors are the guests of honour. A warm smile, a firm handshake and a pleasant personality are what it takes to welcome everyone to the House of God.


All the donations and offerings given by the church members are well accounted for. Tellers count and record the collection before passing it to the church office to be utilized for the advancement of God’s kingdom.


Age is no more than a numerical value. There is never really a time to retire and stop working. Instead, there is always a time to rest and start sharing life experiences and having fellowship. It is just the beginning.

Young Adults

The complexities of working life in the secular world can be daunting and challenging. This ministry brings all the young adults together, teaching, guiding and sharing with each other what it takes to be the light at the workplace.


Groomed to be tomorrow’s leaders, the youth is one of the pillars of support for the church. The church needs young blood to sustain the community; the society needs walking testimonies to manifest God’s footprints.

Sunday School

“Jesus loves the little children / all the children of the world.” This popular hymn displays how God treasures children. Equipped with a figurative palette and paintbrush, teachers help children visualise the beauty of God.

Sectional Leaders Team

SLT is a working committee looking out for more active serving members to join us in planning, carrying out and encouraging other members to attend activities. Some of our activities include Sunday Joy whereby talks and workshops are organised and Coffee Fellowship hosted by our brothers and sisters on a voluntary basis.

Praise Dance

Using dance as an outward expression to honour God, praise dancing is also a synonym for liturgical dance as it embodies all expressions of worship and praise through dance. Dances of rejoicing, praise and celebration all reflect the dancers’ love towards God.

~ We are born with a purpose, with a vocation to fulfil. Come and discover God’s calling and serve Him with your talents, gifts and availability. Bless those as you have been blessed. ~