The phrase “Time View” isn’t just about “Punctuality and Time Management”.

According to Philip G. Zimbardo, the time psychologist said that people who live in the past are inclined to cherish their past memories, conservative in nature as well as keep their status quo; people who live in the present are inclined towards hedonism. Lastly, people who live in the future will have greater efficiency and will be richly rewarded in the end.

The Pentecost, the coming of the Holy Spirit, the Triune God will be seen differently by different time viewers. The past viewer will regard the Holy Spirit just a promise of God. The present viewer will perceive Him as the continuous redemptive plan of God, and the future viewer will see Him as the provision of God for His church in future, with full expectations and endless possibilities.

How is your view particularly on the Holy Spirit? An eerie feeling or a sense of expectation of His marvelous work in our daily lives? Or as what Jesus says in John 16:8, “and when He comes, He will convict the world concerning sin, righteousness and judgement.

The Holy Spirit is the promise, plan and the provision of God for His church, and His people. Let us have the same attitude toward Him as the Father and the Son.

The season of Pentecost will last till the end of November according to the church calendar. What are your expectations toward sin, righteousness and judgement in your daily life? How do you want the Spirit to lead you, sanctifying you? Let us ask the Holy Spirit to fill our hearts in every moment.

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