In Luke 24:13-35, there is a very fascinating story of two disciples on the way to Emmaus meeting the resurrected Jesus. These two disciples of Jesus are not members of the eleven apostles since one of them is Cleopas. From this story, I have learned some important lessons.

The first thing is Jesus’ care and concern for the ordinary people. The very fact that Jesus appears to them first, even before His eleven apostles shows His love for the ordinary people. It shows us that we need to follow the footstep of our Lord Jesus Christ to show our care and love towards those who are in despair. On a wider scale, this includes the poor, widowed and marginalized.

Second, it teaches me how important it is to expound the Scripture fully. These two disciples are so down and discouraged due to their partial understanding of the Scripture. They cannot fathom the suffering and death of the Messiah. Here our Lord Jesus Christ expounds the whole Scripture from the book of Genesis, the Psalms, and the prophetical books. What a wonderful experience having a crash course with Jesus! How I wish I were there as well!

Third, the impact of Jesus’ teaching of Scripture is remarkable. The disciples’ hearts are burned with fire because of their understanding of the Scripture. Not only their hearts are warmed, but they also become active witnesses of Jesus’ resurrection. It reminds me that the best service I can do for others is to teach the Scriptural truth for them.

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